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With over 10 years experience in foundation repair, our family run business is proudly serving the state of Indiana. Our well-trained staff are experts in everything from waterproofing basements and crawlspaces, to mold remediation and sagging floors.

10 years experience

From concrete slab, to basements and crawlspaces our experts have the experience and training to keep you feeling safe.


Unlike most of our competitors, we pride ourselves in properly educating and training our project managers to give our clients options and never over sell.

Eco Friendly

None of our products use harmful chemicals in order to keep your family, our workers, and the environment safe.


Depending on the job, the majority of our work comes with warranty staring at 2 years extending all the way into a lifetime warranty.

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Foundation Repair Experts in Evansville, Indiana

You can rely on the specialists at Sun-Ray Foundation Repair to end structural foundation damage. We resolve foundation issues the right way. Foundation repair is a complex service that takes much more than a brute-force approach. Our crew takes the time to ensure your home in Evansville, Indiana looks beautiful throughout the process. Use our affordable, custom-crafted service to restore and preserve your home the right way.

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What We Offer

  • Waterproofing

    As a homeowner in Evansville, Indiana the last thing you want to see or hear, is that you have water damage in your basement or crawlspace. Here at Sun-Ray, we offer a variety of solutions from vapor barriers to sump pumps.

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  • Encapsulation

    Properly encapsulating a crawlspace does more than prevent water damage. For encapsulation, we offer vapor barriers, expanding foam, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, as well as mold and setting spray.

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  • Mold Remediation

    We offer a variety of options when it comes to mold remediation in Evansville, Indiana. We offer solutions from spraying mold kill and a setting spray that will prevent further growth.

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  • Sagging Floors

    Not only can sagging floors in your Evansville home be a falling hazard, it can also be a sign of your support beams or floor joints giving out. Call us today, and we’ll send out one of our experts to come up with a personalized plan best suited for you!

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  • Wall Repair

    Whether you are looking to completely replace a foundation wall, fix a bowed wall, or prevent further cracks, we are the company for you! Our professionals will walk you through step by step to find what solutions work better for you!

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  • Skim Coat

    Whether you are looking to prevent water damage, or simply improve your Evansville home's appearance, we are here to help! Our trained professionals can apply a skim coat and leave your home’s exterior looking brand new again.

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  • Egress Window

    Looking into adding a room to your basement or making it a living space? In accordance with state and county regulations, homeowners in Evansville, Indiana must have an egress window installed in basements for an easy entrance and exit for your safety.

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  • Exterior Waterproofing

    Whether you have been living in your home for a while or just moving in, it is always a good investment to make sure that your Evansville home has a proper water drainage system in place to keep your foundation safe.

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  • Demolition

    Looking to get rid of an old barn or sidewalk? We also offer our demolition services on almost anything you might want to get rid of. Call us today for your free estimate!

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  • Sidewalk Repair

    Whether you are looking to reduce falling hazards, or simply improve your Evansville home's appearance, we are here to help! Our trained professionals can fix a variety concrete projects you might have for them, from sidewalks to porches.

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Client Testimonials

"I would recommend Sun-Ray to anyone looking to get the job done right and not at ridiculous price. I had a couple of the big competitors come out and give me a quotes that were ridiculous and tried to over sell me. With Sun-Ray I had a project manager and a worker come out and they walked me through every step and sold me on only what was needed. They got the job done right and left my yard just like they found it."

"I had them fix our kitchen floor because it was sagging in the middle... I don’t know the technical stuff but they did amazing work evening it out... Very respectful, on time, good clean up, got it done in a timely manner and I have nothing negative to say about them!"

"I was able to schedule an estimate right away. The guys at Sun-Ray came down, gave me different options on what could be done, and were willing to work with me on the price. I was having issues with sagging floors and guys were able to explain and show me that my home was just completely missing a support beam. They did an amazing job and the floors in my house went almost right back into place like new, I was very happy with their work."