If You Find Black Mold Call An Expert
September 14th, 2022

If You Find Black Mold Call An Expert

Toxic black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) is an intimidating threat to any home or business unfortunate enough to develop it. This insidious organism produces symptoms ranging from minor skin and lung irritation to fatal heart, lung, and autoimmune diseases, and it has been a dangerous and debilitating foe to many unsuspecting people. It is very rare for a single exposure to be imminently fatal, but it is still important, especially in your living space where you could be exposed to black mold over some time, to eradicate this toxic substance as soon as you find it.

Many deaths from exposure to black mold have occurred simply because the victims did not employ the proper precautions before or in the execution of cleaning out this organism. When finding black mold in your home, call an expert immediately for an assessment and leave the cleaning to a professional service that is trained to handle such infestations regularly.

During the cleaning process, it is best for you to arrange for your family and any pets to be removed to another location before the cleaning begins, if only to avoid secondary exposure from cleaning efforts. mold specialists wear protective equipment, breathing aids and ensure that we are not going to be exposed in any accidental manner before we begin. As additional precautions,

We use chemicals that are specifically created to deal with black mold. We will remove any materials that are damaged beyond repair with mold-resistant materials (drywall, flooring, etc.) so that the mold has far less chance to return in the future, should it have the opportunity. Finally, potentially infested materials are disposed of safely and effectively.

If you are experiencing black mold in your home or business, please consider hiring a professional who has handled toxic black mold before. Your safety and that of your family is the most important thing, so take this task seriously and call the right people to get the job done the first time so that it never threatens you again.