Repair your foundation for your home's health.

Repair your foundation for your home's health.

Every home is built on a foundation. The foundation is the support that keeps the entire structure upright and in place. Properly cared for and maintained, foundations can last 30 years or longer, but dilapidated houses might only survive 15 to 20 years before they fall apart. Those are some striking statistics about the importance of a good foundation for your home, and Sunray is here to help you keep yours in top shape.

Sunray offers a comprehensive range of home repair services, from interior remodels to exterior renovations, with unparalleled quality and expertise. Our vision is to provide a one-stop solution for all your home repair needs. We are dedicated to exceeding our client's expectations regarding service quality and cost-effective solutions.

The quality of your house's foundation begins with the first step: preparation. The foundation should be level and at a proper height above the ground, but even if yours is already in good shape, there are still simple ways to improve its strength and durability. Regular inspection will help you catch any problems early and repair them quickly to save on labor costs.

From concrete to wood, whatever the material of your home's foundation might be, repairs will only strengthen it further in the long run. If you plan to sell your house soon and want to get it in the best shape possible, a home foundation repair job is an excellent investment.

A typical foundation repair job involves pouring concrete and welding rebar into place. The concrete offers a solid base for your house walls and keeps them from shifting or falling over in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster. At the same time, the rebar adds extra strength and makes the foundation resistant to shattering or cracking.

If you're working on more extensive repairs, like adding pillars or bracing a support beam that is collapsing under the weight of your house, you might want to consider another approach - steel framing for home foundations.

Steel framing involves:

Installing steel reinforcement bars around the foundation area.

Strengthening it.

Ultimately preventing it from falling over.

It's a time-tested foundation repair method that can make an existing house more robust and durable.

Whatever kind of foundation you have in your house or apartment complex, we are here to help you make it last longer. Through our multi-faceted approach, we offer you expert advice and quality services throughout the entire process - including inspections, repairs, and maintenance - so that you always stay informed about what's going on with your home's foundation and have peace of mind in knowing that everything is in good hands.

Sun-ray offers a wide range of services, from foundation repair to constructing custom homes and additions to your existing home. Our team comprises licensed, factory-trained construction professionals with over 10 years of combined experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete any foundation repair job, which might be a simple concrete pour or a more complicated steel reinforcement installation - all for guaranteed affordable prices.

We also offer to build customization services for preparing your site and pouring an entire foundation for your new house or apartment building at one time. Because our crews are highly skilled and trained, we make it a point to be meticulous when installing steel reinforcement bars to ensure they are level and straight. We guarantee complete satisfaction with your new house or apartment building.

We're also dedicated to building solid and thoughtful relationships with our clients by providing outstanding customer service. We listen to and promptly address all of your concerns in accordance with your budget and schedule requirements. Our foundation repair services are available for various house types, including concrete block and brick foundations.

When it comes to the condition of a home's foundation, time is not always on your side. The longer a problem goes undetected or neglected, the worse it will be when you finally decide to address it. So if you're noticing cracks or sinking walls in your home or foundation, scheduling an inspection will give you peace of mind and allow time to address the problem before it worsens.